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Everyone can be a Hero.


Your support is important.

Wearing a t-shirt means not just accepting the values, but also becoming a spokesperson for the values of humility and compassion that Pope Francis represents. Part of the sales profits from the Superpope t-shirts will be given to Peter’s Pence for the works of mercy to the neediest among us. The “Pence” is an offering of money by the faithful, send to the Pope to be distributed to support the mission of the Church and its charity.


Be a modern Hero.


Superpope is a pop expression of the Pope Francis message: always willing to discuss things, always ready to lend a hand to those in need.

Superpope can’t fly, he’s not invincible, he doesn’t shoot spider webs. Superpope is not a superhero: his ordinariness makes him exceptional. He doesn’t need super powers: he fights the evil of indifference armed with just humility, integrity, and strength of will. Is Superpope really so far removed from us? Of course not: we are all Superpope, or we should be. But how? By engaging in dialogue, by showing solidarity, and by trusting others. A small gesture from each of us adds up to a great leap forward for us all. We can all become Superpope. We can all become one of the #OrdinaryHeroes.


Welcome #OrdinaryHeroes

It is also yours.

To make real changes, you don’t need a superhero, you need #OrdinaryHeroes. They have already taken up the Superpope mantle: now it’s your turn. Take a selfie wearing your t-shirt and post it on social media using the hashtag #OrdinaryHeroes. Your face should be up here with these others.


Follow the journey.

Much more than a trip.

The Superpope t-shirt is about to take off on a world tour. Lots of players, many messages, but one mission: change the world, together.

Keep following us, and get ready for the journey.


Hero revolution.

There is something for everyone.